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A Bi-Monthly Publication of the CGA at Harvard University January - February 2020

2020 CGA Conference: From Geospatial Research to Health Solutions New mapping technologies, forms of spatial analysis, and dynamic access to health data have presented researchers with new opportunities to inquire into the various landscapes of health. For the CGA's annual conference we explore the urgent questions of health that impact our planet, enrolling the latest technologies and techniques for spatial analysis and geographic representation. For more information and to register for the event.

Fisher Prize 2020 The Fisher Prize for excellence in GIS will be given to one graduate and one undergraduate student enrolled in the academic year 2019-2020. The Prize is a cash award of $500 each given to the top entries. Read more and submit your work for the award.

Cartography Workshop Once per year the CGA teaches a Cartography Workshop, a full day workshop aimed at teaching students the concepts of and how to practice digital cartography. The workshop uses ArcIGS Pro and ArcGIS Online software. The workshop is $25 for Harvard Key holders, and will be taught next on April 24, 2020. Read more information and apply to the workshop

Upcoming Presentations

March 6: Evaluating Google’s Machine Learning Cloud Vision API For Partially Automated Placename Extraction From Historical Maps. Harvard graduate student Miranda Lupion will give this presentation at Noon in Room S030, CGIS South Building. Read the talk abstract and speaker bio.

April 16: What OpenGMS can contribute to Geographic Research Dr. Min Chen of Nanjing Normal University, China, will give this presentation at Noon in Room K262, CGIS Knafel Building. Read the talk abstract and speaker bio.

Recent Publications by the CGA and CGA Affiliates

Developing the Chinese Academic Map Publishing Platform by Yongming Xu, Benjamin Lewis, and Weihe Wendy Guan.

The State of School Infrastructure in the Assembly Constituencies of Rural India: Analysis of 11 Census Indicators from Pre-Primary to Higher Education by Akshay Swaminathan, Menaka Narayanan, Jeff Blossom, et. al.


Nonviolent Mass Uprisings Research and Map The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University has launched a new interactive map that catalogs all mass uprisings around the world between 1945 and 2014. Read the Harvard Gazette article and view the map.


BlueDot's AI System Provides Coronavirus Warnings [Wired]

earlyAlert Real Time Coronavirus Map [earlyAlert]

Live updates of Infections in Hong Kong [Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection]

Mapping the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak - a Story Map [Esri]

Combating the coronavirus with Twitter, data mining, and machine learning[TechRepublic]

More Coronavirus Maps Using ArcGIS Online [CGA]

Open Toxic Map [github]

Chronotopic Cartographies [LancasterU]

Building Geospatial Infrastructure by Jack Dangermond and Michael Goodchild

The Power of Shared Information for the Pacific Ocean [Esri]

Growing Diversity in U.S. Cities [USNews]

The CGA Newsletter is published monthly. Editor of this issue: Jeff Blossom.

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This newsletter passes on news items and information about new web maps or uses of GIS that come to the CGA's attention from various sources. These are provided for informational purposes only. The CGA does not endorse these items and makes no representations about their accuracy, completeness or quality. © Present & Fellows Harvard University. All Rights Reserved.