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A Bi-Monthly Publication of the CGA at Harvard University July - August 2020

Upcoming GIS Workshops The CGA will be teaching two workshops this fall via video conference. The 2 hour Introduction to GIS will be taught on Friday, September 4. Click here for more info and to register. The full day GIS For The Humanities and Social Sciences workshop will be taught on December 11. Click here for more info and to register.

GIS Software Updates Version upgrades and license renewals for the following GIS software products have recently been completed: ArcGIS Desktop | ArcGIS Enterprise | ArcGIS Pro | ArcPad | ENVI + IDL | ERDAS Imagine | Esri Business Analyst for Desktop | Esri CityEngine | FME | Geographic Calculator | Global Mapper  | TerrSet | Trimble eCognition Developer

Recent Publications by the CGA and CGA Affiliates

Understanding the Ecosystem of Geospatial Research and Service in Universities. By Wendy Guan and Liz Hess.

Racial Segregation, Testing Sites Access, and COVID-19 Incidence Rate in Massachusetts, USA. By Tao Hu, et. al.

COVID-19 Across United States Congressional Districts. By Priyanka N deSouza and S. V. (Subu) Subramanian.

Quantifying and Explaining Variation in Life Expectancy at Census Tract, County, and State Levels in the United States. By Antonio and Alexandra Boing, Jack Cordes, Rockli Kim, and S. V. (Subu) Subramanian.


Visualizing COVID-19's Effective Reproduction NumberThis study led by Dr. Xihong Lin "calculated and reported the daily effective reproduction number (Rt) to characterize COVID-19 spread rate, defined as the expected number of secondary infectious cases produced by a primary infectious case". Read more and see the maps at this website.

Upcoming GIS Courses Harvard has many GIS courses coming up in the academic year 2020/2021. View the courses offered for Fall, 2020 and Spring, 2021.


Spatial Gems - Call For Papers A new type of workshop at the 2020 ACM SIGSPATIAL conference called “Spatial Gems” will be held November 3, 2020. Paper submissions on fundamental techniques for spatial processing will be shared with other researchers and practitioners. The workshop will involve collaboratively editing paper submissions. There is a tentative agreement from ACM to publish a book with the accepted Spatial Gems from 2019 and 2020. Submissions are due August 28, 2020. Read more, and submit a paper.


Esri 2020 User Conference Videos Available The videos currently available include the plenary session and map gallery. User presentations, technical workshops, and demo presentations will be available after September 1, 2020. Click here to view the videos.

The Enduring Legacy of Howard Fisher, the ‘Grandfather’ of GIS [ApoGeo]

GeoAI Learning Webinars from Esri: Imagery Deep Learning Made Easy | Text Analytics and Location Intelligence | AI for Lidar Feature Extraction | Making Predictions with ArcGIS

The Role of GIS during a Pandemic [UtahAGRC]

COVID-19 pandemic making GIS data an enterprise analytics staple [ZDNet]

The Global Race to Map the Entire Ocean Floor [TheGaurdian]

COVID-19: CDC Supports State Dashboards to Better Monitor Cases and Capacity [Esri]

Mapping without Boundaries: Geospatial Centroid Reaches across University and Beyond [Esri]

Charting a Course for GIS Education for 2030 [Esri]

COVID-19: Army Corps Uses Maps and Models to Create Surge Hospital Capacity [Esri]

Digital Nautical Charts [NOAA]

COVID-19 Risk Maps in Los Angeles

COVID-19: Introducing Community Contact Tracing [Esri]

Green, Yellow, Orange Or Red? This New Tool Shows COVID-19 Risk In Your County [npr]

New Google Maps Styling Tools [Google]

COVID-19: Five Spatial Approaches to Safely Reopen [Esri]

COVID-19 Trend Maps for U.S. Counties [Esri]

The CGA Newsletter is published monthly. Editor of this issue: Jeff Blossom.

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This newsletter passes on news items and information about new web maps or uses of GIS that come to the CGA's attention from various sources. These are provided for informational purposes only. The CGA does not endorse these items and makes no representations about their accuracy, completeness or quality. © Present & Fellows Harvard University. All Rights Reserved.