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A Bi-Monthly Publication of the CGA at Harvard University July - August 2019

Mapping Ancient Landscapes

Published in July 2019 by Esri Press, the book GIS for Science: Applying Mapping and Spatial Analytics includes a chapter by Jason Ur and Jeff Blossom titled Mapping Ancient Landscapes. More details on the book. Read a press release about the book. View a story map created as a digital companion to the printed book.

GIS Workshops Fall 2019

The CGA will offer the following workshops for Fall, 2019:

September 6: Basic Introduction to GIS. Read more and register.

November 14: Data Science Ecosystems with AI to Improve Social Research. Read more and register.

December 6: GIS for Humanities and Social Sciences. Read more and register.

GIS Courses Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Several Harvard schools and departments offer full semester GIS courses. See the list of courses for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.

Presentations Summer and Fall 2019

August 8: Use of geospatial technologies for flood disaster risk and poverty reduction in a data scarce region: A case in Myanmar. Dr. Akiyuki Kawasaki of The University of Tokyo will give this presentation at Noon in Room S354 of the CGIS South building at 1730 Cambridge St., Cambridge. Read the talk abstract and speaker bio.

September 5: HUMAN+ - Humanitarian Safety through Social Media based Refugee Flows Dr. Bernd Resch of The University of Salzburg will give this presentation at Noon in Room S050, CGIS South. Read the talk abstract and speaker bio.

October 17: Understanding the Impact of Geo-Social Human Interaction Patterns on Effective Vaccination Strategies Dr. Wei Luo will give this presentation at Noon in Room S050, CGIS South. Read the talk abstract and speaker bio.

GIS Software and Licensing Update

Most of the GIS and remote sensing site license products have version upgrades since last summer. Licenses are renewed through July 2020. See the list below of software types and versions available to Harvard affiliates. Please visit the CGA software website for upgrade instructions.

Licensed Software Latest version Updated since July 2018 Download & Instructions
ArcGIS Desktop 10.7.1 yes
ArcGIS Pro 2.4 yes
Business Analyst Extension 10.7.1 yes
City Engine 2019 yes
eCognition Developer 9.5.0 yes
ENVI + IDL 5.5.2 + 8.7.2 yes
ERDAS Imagine 16.5.2 yes
FME Desktop 2019 yes
TerrSet 18.31 no
Global Mapper 20.1 yes
Geographic Calculator 2019sp1 yes


Big Data and AI Converge in Map to Protect Biodiversity [Esri].

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How Ian McHarg Taught Generations to ‘Design With Nature’ [CITYLAB]

How Cutting-Edge Tech Is Empowering Ancient Archaeology [OneZero]

Solving India’s Ancient Mysteries With the help of Citizen Scientists [National Geographic].

Managing Credits in ArcGIS [Esri]

How Maps Help the Media See What Others Can’t [Esri]

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